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Senior Software Engineer - JavaScript

App Map

App Map

Software Engineering
New York, NY, USA · Boston, MA, USA · Remote
Posted on Friday, June 30, 2023

AppMap is hiring a JavaScript expert to join our fast-growing team.

AppMap is a personal observability platform for software developers. It is in use by well over 30,000 developers already, and growing daily. The AppMap Analysis product gives developers instant performance and security feedback on their running code the moment they've written it, right within their code editor. This approach dramatically reduces developer toil and prevents many production issues.

AppMap is integrated with many languages, including JavaScript. Our JavaScript agent observes all actions taken by a running Node application and records them, allowing AppMap to analyze them for runtime design flaws. This integration must never change application behavior or adversely impact application performance. It must also be "framework aware", knowing the difference between how requests are processed in libraries like Express, Next.js, Mocha, or others.

The AppMap team works with very fast feedback cycles, delivering new value into the product many times a day and measuring their success. You should be exceedingly comfortable working in an environment where you frequently deliver incremental changes to your entire user base and measure their success.


  • Expert knowledge of Node.js, V8, vanilla JavaScript, and web technologies
  • Experience working with both existing and nascent code bases
  • Experience with popular JavaScript transpilers such as TypeScript, React, and Babel
  • Experience with popular JS frameworks such as Express, Next, Koa, Nest, Mocha, etc.
  • Proven track record delivering successful product features

Highly desirable:

  • Experience with APMs, observability systems, or developer tools
  • Experience instrumenting virtual language platforms (Ruby, Python, Java, .Net)

Importantly, this is not a web UI development position. The successful candidate must understand how Node.js and JavaScript operate at a deep technical level.

When you apply, please tell us something about Node.js, V8, or JavaScript that most engineers don't know.